About FM Hospitality Consulting

FM Hospitality brings over three decades of global hospitality leadership including: luxury resorts, boutique hotels and condominium projects. We have worked on hotel development and construction of new facilities, as well as renovations throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. FM specializes in navigating diverse cultural marketplaces and complex business opportunities delivering a focused approach to growing bottom line profitability.


I have been in the hotel business for over 50, years, so I have really seen the best and the worst. Felix Madera as a hotel professional is probably the finest and best I have encountered in those years. He is knowledgeable about every facet of every detail that it takes to run a hotel operation. He is the ultimate CEO as it comes to running a complete hotel company, and his empathy, style and attitude with hotel associates, hotel customers and owners is unsurpassed.

In addition to his knowledge experience and style, Felix brings a passion and love for the business that no one can teach or learn, and a personal code of ethics, that include, loyalty, honesty (really telling it like it is), hard work, and professionalism. He is an inspiration and a true Icon of this business.

- Richard Millard
Chairman & CEO Trust Hospitality